3 Home Solar Myths Debunked

Hearing mixed messages about solar energy? We at RB Green Energy dig into some energy details to assist in refute of three common alternative energy myths and reveal the benefits of home solar panel technology.

Myth 1: “Solar doesn’t operate in cold, cloudy, or foggy climates”

FACT: Solar power panels work nicely in ambient light and may produce significant energy within the fog or on cold days. Actually, solar power panels are nearly just as efficient at cooler temperatures than hot ones. Even though this might appear counter-intuitive, take into account that solar power panels on the rooftop in awesome, foggy San Francisco Bay Area produce nearly exactly the same as the usual home in nearby Sacramento, where it’s sunny and hot.

Myth 2:”Solar will appear ugly on my small roof”

FACT: We believe solar power panels are beautiful and many more now agree. There’s been lots of attention earlier this decade on alternative energy. Because solar is benefiting the atmosphere and people’s pocketbooks, rooftop panels are actually considered by many people to become an enhancement rather of the eyesore.

Myth 3: “Solar continues to be so costly that it’ll never purchase itself”

FACT: Many people believe that going solar is just for wealthy people or extreme environmentalists. However, many homeowners decide to go solar because of the way it can help to save them money by offsetting their energy costs. Modern financing options imply that big upfront costs aren’t an obstacle because a lot household will go solar for virtually no money up front. Actually, solar has become certainly one of a couple of household purchases that may really provide you with short-term and lengthy-term savings. Based on Energy Sage, during the last twenty years electricity prices rose between 2.5%-7% every year. By going solar, homeowners may potentially freeze their Lock-In their rates to safeguard against rising utility rates.